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Specializing In Eyelash Extensions That

Do Not Cause Damage To The Natural Lashes!

Brazen + Bliss Beauty Lounge, located in San Diego, CA exists to change the stigma that eyelash extensions are harmful or damaging to your natural lashes. With proper training, application and quality products, you can wear eyelash extensions indefinitely with your natural lash health intact and thriving. Just ask any of our long time clients!


We focus on providing eyelash extensions that do not overburden or damage your natural lash all while achieving the look you desire most.  Advanced education and lashing techniques are used to ensure your natural lash health is intact


You can rest assured during each appointment that you are receiving the best quality, care + attention to detail that San Diego’s lash industry has to offer. We pride ourselves on amazing eyelash extensions in conjunction with healthy natural lashes!


Tara has been an Esthetician + Lash Artist for 3 years. She first discovered her love for eyelash extensions after receiving them herself for her wedding + loved how they brought attention to her eyes + made her look more awake + glamorous. She had to learn more! This is when her love affair with all things lashes began!


Tara is now a Master Lash Artist who has been mentored by lash artists from around the world + is actively involved in teaching other lash artists both locally + internationally about lash techniques + tips. She invests in her education making sure her clients are receiving the most current + advanced techniques, stylings, + products in the industry, + boy can her clients tell the difference!


She is a lash liaison (Brand Ambassador) for My Brand Lashes and uses their products exclusively for the beautiful rich black, soft and flexible faux mink lashes, amazing adhesives that give you long lasting results and ease of use of their diverse product line. 


Brazen + Bliss specializes in eyelash extensions that are safe for the natural lash. Tara is known as "The Lash Guardian" as she has advanced training + knowledge in which extensions to choose to not overburden your natural lash, thus eliminating the risk of damage to your natural lashes!



We welcome you into our Lash Paradise, Brazen + Bliss Beauty Lounge, where you can rest assured that your natural lashes are being taken care of in the hands of a highly trained + skilled Lash Artists who live, eat, + breath lashes! 

Meet Our Team

The Lash Guardian 

Tara Walsh

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