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How to Choose a Lash Artist (Part 2)

Let's continue our discussion of finding your perfect lash artist based on his/her Skills and Talent for Lash Artistry and why experience is essential for your lash health!


Ever had a brazilian wax from a rookie? Hmm 'nuff said. But seriously! Why is it that the thought of having a nervous beauty school graduate with a stick of hot wax near your nether regions bring you to a cold sweat but a newly minted lash artist who's holding sharp pointy tweezers near your peepers and super gluing things to your eye fringe not haunting you at night?

Seek out a lash expert who has at least one certification (preferably more) and who regularly invests in their education. The lash industry is constantly changing and evolving as it is still a relatively brand new industry. You want a lash artist that is up-to-date on their lash game not only for your health, but for your satisfaction and enjoyment!

For instance, and this may be unpopular with a LOT of my fellow lashers out there since I'm calling you out, but .20mm lashes are a thing of the past! Lash artists who were trained years ago (and even still some companies teach this today... SMH) were taught to use .20mm (thickness) eyelash extensions for every client. Not only do they add fullness to the lash line, but you can also get away with putting in fewer extensions in a full set because of the thickness of the extensions. It's a win for the lash artist saving time and money and a win for the client who wants luscious dense lashes, right? Except for one minor detail in that most people's natural lashes cannot safely support a .20mm extension. There, I said it. .20mm lashes are damaging natural lashes and are part of the cause as to why there's such a bad reputation that eyelash extensions cause harm to your natural lash. If a lash artist has not continued to educate themselves, then they may never suspect that the weight of the extension is to blame for natural lash damage. This is a plague that is running rampant across the lash industry as -most- lash artists using .20s just don't know they're causing the damage by selecting a lash that is too heavy and -some- just don't care. "It's all about client satisfaction, to hell with the side effects." It may be that the lash artist isn't fast enough to complete a full set using a thinner lash in the time they've set aside for a full set. Or maybe their employer doesn't give them the option to have more time or use a thinner lash.

I was faced with this situation today. A client came to me from another lash artist with extensions that were WAY too long and WAY too thick for her natural lashes. Her extensions itched (due to poor isolation and too many natural lashes stuck to one extension) and they twisted (which means they were too heavy for the natural lash to support). Want to know what skill and experience gets you:

See those barely there inner corner lashes on the left? Now just take a wild guess which extension is the appropriate length and diameter and which one is going to burden those poor little, fragile inner corner lashes? That's right! The extension on the left is an appropriate weight (7mm in .07/.10 thickness) while the extension on the left (13mm in .20mm thickness -which is what I removed from this poor clients inner corner lashes) will rip out those fragile lashes like a large russian woman going to town on your bikini area!

Whatever the case may be, for your own lash sure your lash artist is using .15mm extensions or less (and the lash lingo is point one five).

Eyelash Extensions

In the words of my Lash Mentor, Hilaree Brand (@mybrandlashes): "Our Clientele is only ours if they have natural lashes for us to work with. Do everything in your power to keep their natural lashes healthy and strong because you are a #lashboss"

Stay Tuned for the last blog post about finding your Perfect Lash Artist based on Word of Mouth (or is it Blink of Eye??)!

I hope this has helped you in your hunt for that pot of gold at the end of the lash rainbow!

For any questions or comments, feel free to email me at

Happy Hunting,

Tara Walsh

Master Lash Artist + Licensed Esthetician

Brazen + Bliss Beauty Lounge

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