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How to Choose a Lash Artist (Part 3)


The best and usually most successful way to finding your lash love for life is by word of mouth and a little investigating. Ask anyone who's lashes you admire where they get their lashes done and if they like their artist. Then hop on that lash artists' website or give them a call to figure out these list of qualifying questions:

  • Are they a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist?

  • Are they certified to do eyelash extensions? From where (and then google the certifying company)?

  • How long have they been doing eyelash extensions?

  • What's the typical weight of lashes they use for Classic Eyelash Extensions? Do they carry .15mm or less?

  • Are they volume trained? Or do they make continuing education a priority?

  • Is their price point reasonable for your wallet to be able to maintain your lashes every 2-4 weeks?

  • How hard is it to book an appointment? (Are they booked out months in advance making it difficult to schedule? Do they offer online booking?)

  • Do their business hours work with your schedule? Do they have someone they can refer out to if they get sick or go on vacation?

  • Do they have their lash work posted somewhere you can look at?

  • Do they offer a no-obligation consultation for you to come in for an indvidualized conversation about your lash needs? (it's not required but it might be nice if you have a lot of concerns or fears about the process, possible reactions or if you've had a bad experience in the past).

These are great qualifying questions for any lash artist. You want to make sure you feel comfortable with their level of knowledge on the subject matter and that they'll work with you to achieve your desired look. Although I must caution you...some gal's lashes may look amazing and totally lash lust-worthy, however, everyone's natural lashes are different and you may not get the same result as your fellow fringe friend. Your lash artist's job is to be realistic with you as to what is suitable and sustainable long term for your natural lashes all the while complimenting your unique features and eye shape!

You should feel comfortable in selecting your lash artist at this point given the criteria posted in these 3 blogs on "How to Choose A Lash Artist".

For any further questions on lashes or lash artists, feel free to send me an email! I'd love to hear your thoughts on whether or not this helped ease your lash artist decision making

Happy Hunting,

San Diego Lash Artist

Tara Walsh

Master Lash Artist + Licensed Esthetician

Brazen + Bliss Beauty Lounge

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